Wikipedia: Tom Pendry #9

March 30, 2008

A minute after his last fiddle, Sean is back to his pa-in-law’s page to edit again. This time he’s adding a link to back up details of Tom’s education.


Wikipedia: Doc Glasgow #13

March 30, 2008

Unlucky for some. Sean’s running back to Doc Glasgow because – oh know! – someone has resurrected Roy Oldham’s page yet again (page dutifully deleted by Doc). Here’s Sean’s plea:

Doc the hatchet job has appeared again under “samuel roy oldham” if i add balance it will, as always, be reverted to the hatchet job. would you intervene, yet again. thanks

Wikipedia: Tom Pendry #8

March 21, 2008

Sean’s now back to fawn at his favourite Wikipedia editor Doc Glasgow with the following comments on Doc’s User Talk page:

Doc G. thanks for the advice on citations, im new to this so it may not be as complete as it should be. Some of the citations requested are contained within the article elsewhere so i deleted the reference in the article. There were a couple I couldnt include on wiki as they were detected as spam site. I’ll continue to look for the online references.

Wikipedia: Tom Pendry #6

March 21, 2008

Sean’s favourite editor, Doc Glasgow, is now editing Sean’s own handiwork! Doc has requested verification of the facts Sean has placed on the page, so in deference Sean either removes the unsourced information or provides links.

Wikipedia: Tom Pendry #5

March 20, 2008

Sean’s getting the hang of editing wikipedia, so he starts to flesh out his father-in-law’s page with internal & external links to other pages.

Wikipedia: Tom Pendry #4

March 19, 2008

Sean’s back to daddy Pendry’s page. He removes a section which mentions a libel case Pendry won out in the 1970s when the popular ITV show Rising Damp featured the character of a Labour politician called ‘Pendry’ who was a hyprocrite, and homosexual*.

Bizarrely, Sean’s edit reveals a rather literary side to his nature when recounting Pendry’s upbringing:

Pendry was born in relatively comfortable circumstances in Broadstairs, Kent, attending school at St Augustines Abbey

*It’s outrageous that anyone should call Tom homosexual – the ‘baron’ has ‘sired’ 2 children and is a good catholic.

Wikipedia: Doc Glasgow #12

March 14, 2008

Some wag has restored the Roy Oldham page on Wikipedia, so Sean goes back to Doc Glasgow to complain:

::: Doc. Well its been a couple of weeks of peace and quite. Im afraid the article has been put back on again. Would you intervene. Thanks – telegramsam123. 14 March 08

Wikipedia: Tom Pendry #3

February 29, 2008

Following his last major edit of his father-in-law’s profile page on wikipedia, Sean has clearly had second thoughts about his place in this article, so he removes it. His comments on the edit are bizarre, given that he put it there in the first place:

Not relevant as per DocGlasgow amendment 14 Oct 2006

Wikipedia: Tom Pendry #1

February 28, 2008

If there’s any doubt that the Wikipedia ID ‘Telegramsam123’ is Sean, then the next series of edits will dispel that.

Sean today starts to turn to edit the profile page of his father-in-law, Tom Pendry. And he starts by removing a section (‘removed silliness‘ – his words) which spells out his less than shining personal history, and replaces all the controversy with the following:

His daughter is married to Sean Parker-Perry a local councillor and constituency office employee of [[James Purnell]].

His vanity leads him to leave the trivial facts of his existence in the article. He clearly can’t bear to be completely out of the limelight.

Wikipedia: Doc Glasgow #11

February 28, 2008

Sean returns again to complain to Doc Glasgow – the Roy Oldham page has reappeared under a slightly different name, and Sean subtly suggests it is removed:

Thanks for your intervention. The hatchet job has started again with the article “samuel roy oldham” I know that if i attempt to balance the article it will just be changed back again