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Wikipedia: James Purnell #3

September 1, 2006

It’s September 2006, and Sean is back to edit the record about Purnell’s involvement in the Liz Davies affair. He removes the word ‘court’ from ‘out of court settlement’, and changes ‘allegations’ to ‘misunderstanding’. It’s almost as if it had never happened…

And once again, the description of his edit gives away more than the edit itself: Red Pepper story is inaccurate – no record exists in the High Court of this case, hence an out of court settlement was not a possibility”. It also reveals his ignorance of the law & legal process – an out of court settlement is, by definition, not in Court, but this doesn’t mean it never existed in the first place. 


Wikipedia: James Purnell #2

August 17, 2006

…and a few minutes later, he’s back to James’ profile, with more info. He provides context for the post, but it reads like total nonsense, and surely only he and a few other Labour Party nerds would understand what it all means?

But the parliamentary connections are given away by his description of his edit Added correct events from court case as found in latest Dod’s Parliamentary Companion – where else but the office of an MP would you be more likely to find such a reference book?

Wikipedia: James Purnell #1

August 17, 2006

Sean works for the Stalybridge and Hyde MP James Purnell. Today’s edit is the first in a long line of edits which attempt to whiten the reputation of his employer on wikipedia (they will all be chronicled here).

This edit is an attempt to clean up Purnell’s involvement in the alleged libelling of a fellow Labour Party member Liz Davies, back when Purnell was a councillor in Islington. Sean makes it look like she’s not only disloyal to the Labour Party, but a ‘not-to-be-trusted Trotskyite’ with this edit.