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Tameside Ted #3

May 12, 2006

The day after his other comment, Tameside Ted (aka Sean) is back to comment on the same article about delay to the start date of the Longdendale Bypass Public Inquiry:

in a telephone call to the highways agency this morning I found that there area 1400 objections AND 1400 letters of support!! M.E.N. failed to mentionthat in their story!

(This is not true, in any of the statistically verifiable surveys, opposition to the bypass has always outnumbered support by a ration of 2:1)


Tameside Ted #2

May 11, 2006

Sean’s MEN commenter disguise, Tameside Ted, is back today, commenting on an article about delays to the Public Inquiry for the Longdendale Bypass due to the massive number of objections against the scheme:

the highways agency should be disbanded if they delay this any further! they are in existence to serve the public and the clear message from the people who actually LIVE in the area is GIVE US OUR BYPASS…. !

Wikipedia: John Hutton #2

May 11, 2006

Sean clearly had it in for John Hutton on this day. A few minutes after making the original edits, he’s back, adding the aka ‘Sex Bomb’ into John’s name, and also a link to in the profile.

Wikipedia: Peter Martin

May 11, 2006

Sean reveals his knowledge of locals (and friends?) with this edit to the wikipedia profile of a cricketer. It is not known whether he harbours any latent feelings for either Peter Martin, or whether it’s wind up, but it remains for all the world to see on wikipedia.

Wikipedia: Rio Ferdinand

May 11, 2006

One hazards a guess that Sean isn’t a Man United fan with this edit to Rio’s wikipedia profile: He also looks alot like snoop dogg and scar off the loin king the ugly bastard!”. It features poor spelling and grammar, indicating either haste, ignorance or both. This will later become a trademark feature of his own blog.

Wikipedia: John Hutton #1

May 11, 2006

Sean made his first tentative steps by editing the Wikipedia profile of John Hutton, a Labour member of parliament. There’s clearly bad blood between him and Sean for some reason, because the edit is far from complementary. Hutton’s bio has been changed to allege that he’s a ‘sex therapist’ who was ‘anal probed’ at Westcliff-on-Sea High School for boys who, later in life, ‘stood for election with a hard on’ (don’t most male politicians? Maybe Sean hopes to do the same himself one day?).

This edit was made while both Hutton & Purnell worked in the same Department – Hutton was Secretary of State for Pensions from November 2005, whilst Purnell has joined the Department as a junior Minister in May 2006. Perhaps this edit is something to do with rivalry?

May 10, 2006

…is the IP address used by Sean. Further evidence will appear as this blog continues to grow. The list of wikipedia edits made by this IP address can be found here.


May 10, 2006

This website has been created to highlight the adventures on the internet of the Labour Councillor for Longdendale Sean Parker-Perry.

Through research and observation, we have been cataloging the actions of Sean, and we intend to add posts chronologically to this weblog that illustrate his adventures on the world wide web. If you have anecdotes of your own, please let us know.