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Wikipedia: Doc Glasgow #12

March 14, 2008

Some wag has restored the Roy Oldham page on Wikipedia, so Sean goes back to Doc Glasgow to complain:

::: Doc. Well its been a couple of weeks of peace and quite. Im afraid the article has been put back on again. Would you intervene. Thanks – telegramsam123. 14 March 08


Wikipedia: Doc Glasgow #11

February 28, 2008

Sean returns again to complain to Doc Glasgow – the Roy Oldham page has reappeared under a slightly different name, and Sean subtly suggests it is removed:

Thanks for your intervention. The hatchet job has started again with the article “samuel roy oldham” I know that if i attempt to balance the article it will just be changed back again

Wikipedia: Doc Glasgow #10

February 23, 2008

In his new guise, Sean returns to his favourite editor – Doc Glasgow – to complain about edits to the page of his fellow Longdendale Councillor (and leader of Tameside Council) Roy Oldham:

Doc. I understand that living politicians can create diffculties for wiki. I am attempting to balance the above but every time i put some history about this man on the page its removed in favour of controversy. I understand that you have blocked the organiser of this vandalism before. he used to be gayboy-ds and has now registered as tameside-eye. You will notice from my changes to the article that i didnt remove his posts but just added to the article as a whole. Can you intervene. Thanks

The page has since been fully removed – follow the posts on this blog to see Sean’s part in this.

Wikipedia: Doc Glasgow #7

July 11, 2007

Sean returns to his wikipedia helper, this time to ask if someone can be prevented from editing the page on Roy Oldham.

Wikipedia: Roy Oldham talkpage #1

February 12, 2007

Sean turns his attention to the discussion page on wikipedia for Roy Oldham, his fellow Longdendale Councillor. He removes information left on this page and leaves the comment: “administrators should be careful what they reproduce!“.

Wikipedia: Roy Oldham #4

January 10, 2007

Sean returns his attention to this page today by removing whole paragraphs, as he had done previously. Once again, the intimidating style is present in the description of his edit:

removed political quote – this is a site of factual interest – NOT A DEBATING SOCIETY

This is ironic, given his time spent editing wikipedia is entirely political!

Wikipedia: Roy Oldham #3

November 10, 2006

In his continuing efforts to make the Longdendale Bypass less controversial, Sean today moves to remove the latter adjective from Roy Oldham’s profile, this time under his actual IP address (rather than as ‘Yellowfrogs’, where he had made similar edits to Tom Levitt’s profile).

Wikipedia: Roy Oldham #2

November 7, 2006

Moving back to the Tameside Council Leader’s profile, Sean removes a whole sourced paragraph which highlighted how Oldham has changed his political position regarding transport infrastructure over the years.

When it was restored, he moved back to do the same all over again later in the day.

Wikipedia: Roy Oldham #1

September 10, 2006

Sean turned his attention to the profile of his fellow Longdendale Councillor and mentor Roy Oldham today. He removed a whole paragraph which highlighted concerns about nepotism in the Borough.

Later, at 10:23 a.m., he softened part of Oldham’s profile which highlighted his fellow councillor’s tendency to open his mouth before thinking of the consequences of how his comments might be received.