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Tameside Ted #10

January 10, 2008

Sean re-appears as ‘Tameside Ted’ on the MEN’s website to comment on a story about the Longdendale Bypass having costs £13.7 million already:


Tameside Ted


Tameside Ted #7

September 21, 2007

Today, Sean is back in his MEN commenting ‘Tameside Ted’ alter-ego. He’s lining up to comment on an article about the Glossop Critical Mass against the Longdendale bypass:

Front page of the Glossop Chronicle says it all “bike protest rolls of quietly” !! hahahahahahaha

Even worse, they had a substantial police escort following them on MOTORbikes and MOTORcars, very David Cameron style!
Tameside Ted

Tameside Ted #6

September 20, 2007

Sean’s back at the MEN as Tameside Ted, commenting on a bypass article:

when was John Hall elected to represent anybody?

Tameside Ted

Wikipedia: Longdendale Bypass #9

July 24, 2007

It seems Sean has become embarrassed about his new blog, so much so that he removes the link that has been placed to it in the Longdendale Bypass wikipedia page and threatens legal action to anyone who re-inserts it:

slander. anyone restoring this link may find themselves in court with the editor”

Wikipedia: Longdendale Bypass #8

June 11, 2007

On the Talk page for the Longdendale Bypass, Sean adds a comment calling for links to certain sites (i.e. ones he does not like) to be removed.

Wikipedia: Longdendale Bypass #7

May 9, 2007

Sean has to return to this wikipedia page today to re-insert a reference to his pro-bypass blog.

Wikipedia: Longdendale Bypass #6

April 30, 2007

Sean returns to the Longdendale Bypass page on wikipedia to make a crucial edit today. He add a reference to a new pro-bypass weblog “Support the Hollingworth Bypass” (since removed, but you can see a restored version here). Later research and evidence has shown that Sean is the author of this website, and more evidence will feature here soon. Such posts will be labelled ‘roadmunkey’, Sean’s ID on the web publishing platform blogger.

Wikipedia: Longdendale Bypass #5

January 19, 2007

Sean revisits the wikipedia Longdendale Bypass page today to remove references to Translink. Translink is a possible alternative to the bypass that seeks to remove HGVs from the roads and place them on rail. It has been the subject of fierce opposition from pro-bypass campaigners, as well as the leader of Tameside MBC, Roy Oldham.

Sean’s comments about his edit is “removed translink claim – no scientific evidence” – despite the  fact the that the article is referenced.

Wikipedia: Longdendale Bypass #4

January 11, 2007

Sean returns to add a paragraph stating “Chair of Peak Park supporting bypass” in the description of the edit. Although this is cited from a local newspaper, the newspaper is wrong in stating that the High Peak Councillor it had named (Chris Webster) was/is the Chair of the Peak District National Park. Indeed, he is known for his hatred of said institution, but Sean seems to display a lack of knowledge of local politics.

Wikipedia: Longdendale Bypass #3

January 11, 2007

For the third time in recent days, Sean has to return to this page to re-insert his disparaging edits (and ask for a citation, which is not unreasonable).