Wikipedia: Doc Glasgow #10

February 23, 2008

In his new guise, Sean returns to his favourite editor – Doc Glasgow – to complain about edits to the page of his fellow Longdendale Councillor (and leader of Tameside Council) Roy Oldham:

Doc. I understand that living politicians can create diffculties for wiki. I am attempting to balance the above but every time i put some history about this man on the page its removed in favour of controversy. I understand that you have blocked the organiser of this vandalism before. he used to be gayboy-ds and has now registered as tameside-eye. You will notice from my changes to the article that i didnt remove his posts but just added to the article as a whole. Can you intervene. Thanks

The page has since been fully removed – follow the posts on this blog to see Sean’s part in this.


Wikipedia: Tameside-eye User talk page #1

February 22, 2008

In our opinion, Sean is now regularly using the identity ‘Telegramsam123‘ on wikipedia. A list of his edits with the ID is here, and there are similarities with his previous subjects and methods, in particular, his running to his favourite editor, Doc Glasgow, at any given opportunity. All the edits with this ID will be chronicled individually on this weblog.

Today, this ID turns it’s attention to the User Talk page of Tameside-eye and adds the following:

that is your problem, you have no balance. You should read the policies of wiki. you will notice that i did not remove your posts. Wiki exists as an encyclopedia not a personal rant

Tameside Ted #10

January 10, 2008

Sean re-appears as ‘Tameside Ted’ on the MEN’s website to comment on a story about the Longdendale Bypass having costs £13.7 million already:


Tameside Ted

Tameside Ted #9

January 9, 2008

Sean’s back in his Tameside Ted guise today to comment on an MEN story – about himself! This time the article is about his and fellow Longdendale Councillor Johnny Reynolds ‘fact-finding’ trip to Spain to look into importing Olive Stones (seriously):

(he provided this link)

I think this story is about biomass energy NOT airfresheners!

Austria imports tonnes of olive stone waste from this region of spain.

Tameside Ted

We believe it’s no coincidence that Tameside Ted seems to share the concerns and preoccupations of one Sean Parker-Perry.

Wikipedia: Yellowfrogs User talk page #5

October 3, 2007

Sean returns for the last time to clear his User Talk page.

This is the last time he will use the identity ‘Yellowfrogs’.

Wikipedia: WebHamster User talk page #1

October 2, 2007

Sean’s quick to praise an editor (WebHamster) for deleting his profile page, but points out that material is now showing up in his employer James Purnell’s page too:

It seems you have deleted the article sean parker-perry (well done) although it seems some wiki vandals are now trying to incorporate this artiocle into the james purnell page. could you revert edits by gayboy_ds and co2junky ?

This is the last edit he will make without signing into an identity and thus not displaying his IP address.

Tameside Ted #8

October 1, 2007

Sean is back to the MEN articles, posting under his Tameside Ted alter-ego. He’s commenting today about the James Purnell ‘fake photo’ row:

The real story is: Why is this story (which is as a result of the hospital) so big that it pushes the Burma protests to 2nd billing?

Even worse the M.E.N. do a poll on it!!


Tameside Ted

We’re sure we don’t have to remind you that Purnell is Sean’s boss…

Wikipedia: Editor assistance/Requests #2

September 25, 2007

A few months later, Sean is back to this page to again request the removal of his own profile page on wikipedia.

Tameside Ted #7

September 21, 2007

Today, Sean is back in his MEN commenting ‘Tameside Ted’ alter-ego. He’s lining up to comment on an article about the Glossop Critical Mass against the Longdendale bypass:

Front page of the Glossop Chronicle says it all “bike protest rolls of quietly” !! hahahahahahaha

Even worse, they had a substantial police escort following them on MOTORbikes and MOTORcars, very David Cameron style!
Tameside Ted

Tameside Ted #6

September 20, 2007

Sean’s back at the MEN as Tameside Ted, commenting on a bypass article:

when was John Hall elected to represent anybody?

Tameside Ted