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Wikipedia: Roy Oldham talkpage #1

February 12, 2007

Sean turns his attention to the discussion page on wikipedia for Roy Oldham, his fellow Longdendale Councillor. He removes information left on this page and leaves the comment: “administrators should be careful what they reproduce!“.


Wikipedia: James Purnell #5

February 8, 2007

As if to add insult to injury, Sean returns to his master’s article to add the same erroneous reference he inserted in another part of the same article.

Wikipedia: James Purnell #4

February 8, 2007

Sean today returns to his employer’s page on wikipedia. Newsnight had been accused of giving the junior minister an easy time with a recent interview, and it subsequently emerged that Purnell had had a brief affair with a Newsnight editor at the same time. Sean came along to help out, but missed out a word, and so the article is made worse!

Next to a reference to the story, Sean unhelpfully adds “The Department for Work and Pensions confirmed there was wrong doing“.