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Wikipedia: Yellowfrogs User talk page #5

October 3, 2007

Sean returns for the last time to clear his User Talk page.

This is the last time he will use the identity ‘Yellowfrogs’.


Wikipedia: WebHamster User talk page #1

October 2, 2007

Sean’s quick to praise an editor (WebHamster) for deleting his profile page, but points out that material is now showing up in his employer James Purnell’s page too:

It seems you have deleted the article sean parker-perry (well done) although it seems some wiki vandals are now trying to incorporate this artiocle into the james purnell page. could you revert edits by gayboy_ds and co2junky ?

This is the last edit he will make without signing into an identity and thus not displaying his IP address.

Tameside Ted #8

October 1, 2007

Sean is back to the MEN articles, posting under his Tameside Ted alter-ego. He’s commenting today about the James Purnell ‘fake photo’ row:

The real story is: Why is this story (which is as a result of the hospital) so big that it pushes the Burma protests to 2nd billing?

Even worse the M.E.N. do a poll on it!!


Tameside Ted

We’re sure we don’t have to remind you that Purnell is Sean’s boss…