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Wikipedia: WebHamster User talk page #1

October 2, 2007

Sean’s quick to praise an editor (WebHamster) for deleting his profile page, but points out that material is now showing up in his employer James Purnell’s page too:

It seems you have deleted the article sean parker-perry (well done) although it seems some wiki vandals are now trying to incorporate this artiocle into the james purnell page. could you revert edits by gayboy_ds and co2junky ?

This is the last edit he will make without signing into an identity and thus not displaying his IP address.


Wikipedia: Editor assistance/Requests #2

September 25, 2007

A few months later, Sean is back to this page to again request the removal of his own profile page on wikipedia.

Wikipedia: User talk page #4

July 31, 2007

Sean has to return to blank his own User Talk page again…

Wikipedia: Editor assistance/Requests #1

July 25, 2007

Now Sean runs to the general ‘Editor Assistance’ page to ask for his resurrected (but since deleted) profile page to be removed:

“this page was removed once due to edit wars – see doc glasgow (editor) comments, please remove this page”

Wikipedia: User talk page #3

July 24, 2007

…and Sean returns again in the same minute to completely blank his User talk page

Wikipedia: User talk page #2

July 24, 2007

…and one minute later, he’s back to make more edits to his own user talk page…

Wikipedia: User talk page #1

July 24, 2007

Now Sean starts editing his own User talk page, removing comments that someone else has left.

Wikipedia: Longdendale Bypass #9

July 24, 2007

It seems Sean has become embarrassed about his new blog, so much so that he removes the link that has been placed to it in the Longdendale Bypass wikipedia page and threatens legal action to anyone who re-inserts it:

slander. anyone restoring this link may find themselves in court with the editor”

Wikipedia: Doc Glasgow #7

July 11, 2007

Sean returns to his wikipedia helper, this time to ask if someone can be prevented from editing the page on Roy Oldham.

Wikipedia: James Purnell #6

July 3, 2007

Sean turns to the wikipedia page for his boss, James Purnell. He removes sections of the biography which discuss Purnell’s affair with an editor for BBC Newsnight, Thea Rogers, and the subsequent less than challenging interview that Jeremy Paxman gave him. Sean’s comments are as follows:

as prev stated by moderators – not sourced/relevant LOCK will be req for this article