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Wikipedia: Tameside-eye User talk page #1

February 22, 2008

In our opinion, Sean is now regularly using the identity ‘Telegramsam123‘ on wikipedia. A list of his edits with the ID is here, and there are similarities with his previous subjects and methods, in particular, his running to his favourite editor, Doc Glasgow, at any given opportunity. All the edits with this ID will be chronicled individually on this weblog.

Today, this ID turns it’s attention to the User Talk page of Tameside-eye and adds the following:

that is your problem, you have no balance. You should read the policies of wiki. you will notice that i did not remove your posts. Wiki exists as an encyclopedia not a personal rant


Tameside Ted #1

February 14, 2006

Tameside Eye has a theory that the ‘Tameside Ted’ commenter on the MEN website is in fact our Sean. So we’re placing details here for good meaure (we’re completists!).

So Sean comments on a story about cuts to the GMP budget in Manchester. Although the GMP Chief Constable Michael Todd is only mentioned in passing in the article, Tameside Ted seems to bear a grudge:

Follow the link for one reason Mr Todd wastes money (he provided this link)

The link provided is to a story about … Sean and his (abortive) trial for stealing his ex-girlfriend’s belongings…