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Wikipedia: Vivienne Westwood #1

November 10, 2006

Sean turns his attention to the profile of the fashion queen, but his interest is not in posh clothes. Westwood had written to object to the destruction of Swallows Wood, so Sean ‘spins’ the fact of it’s potential destruction, and instead describes it as ‘on the route’ – as if it’s merely beside the road instead of under it.


Wikipedia: Roy Oldham #3

November 10, 2006

In his continuing efforts to make the Longdendale Bypass less controversial, Sean today moves to remove the latter adjective from Roy Oldham’s profile, this time under his actual IP address (rather than as ‘Yellowfrogs’, where he had made similar edits to Tom Levitt’s profile).

Wikipedia: Roy Oldham #2

November 7, 2006

Moving back to the Tameside Council Leader’s profile, Sean removes a whole sourced paragraph which highlighted how Oldham has changed his political position regarding transport infrastructure over the years.

When it was restored, he moved back to do the same all over again later in the day.

Wikipedia: Tom Levitt

November 6, 2006

Still posing as Yellowfrogs, Sean moves on to remove the ‘controversy’ from the Longdendale Bypass.