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Tameside Ted #10

January 10, 2008

Sean re-appears as ‘Tameside Ted’ on the MEN’s website to comment on a story about the Longdendale Bypass having costs £13.7 million already:


Tameside Ted


Tameside Ted #9

January 9, 2008

Sean’s back in his Tameside Ted guise today to comment on an MEN story – about himself! This time the article is about his and fellow Longdendale Councillor Johnny Reynolds ‘fact-finding’ trip to Spain to look into importing Olive Stones (seriously):

(he provided this link)

I think this story is about biomass energy NOT airfresheners!

Austria imports tonnes of olive stone waste from this region of spain.

Tameside Ted

We believe it’s no coincidence that Tameside Ted seems to share the concerns and preoccupations of one Sean Parker-Perry.

Tameside Ted #8

October 1, 2007

Sean is back to the MEN articles, posting under his Tameside Ted alter-ego. He’s commenting today about the James Purnell ‘fake photo’ row:

The real story is: Why is this story (which is as a result of the hospital) so big that it pushes the Burma protests to 2nd billing?

Even worse the M.E.N. do a poll on it!!


Tameside Ted

We’re sure we don’t have to remind you that Purnell is Sean’s boss…

Tameside Ted #7

September 21, 2007

Today, Sean is back in his MEN commenting ‘Tameside Ted’ alter-ego. He’s lining up to comment on an article about the Glossop Critical Mass against the Longdendale bypass:

Front page of the Glossop Chronicle says it all “bike protest rolls of quietly” !! hahahahahahaha

Even worse, they had a substantial police escort following them on MOTORbikes and MOTORcars, very David Cameron style!
Tameside Ted

Tameside Ted #6

September 20, 2007

Sean’s back at the MEN as Tameside Ted, commenting on a bypass article:

when was John Hall elected to represent anybody?

Tameside Ted

Tameside Ted #5

March 16, 2007

Sean’s back at the MEN, posting as ‘Tameside Ted’ to comment on an article about how ‘green’ MPs are:

i think this is a very good insight.. would be even better if the tameside green party representative also gave his own answers!!!

As a resident in Hyde I will be keeping my vote with the best man for the job… James Purnell.
Tameside Ted, Stalybridge

We’re sure you all know that James Purnell is Sean’s boss…

Tameside Ted #4

January 27, 2007

Under his Tameside Ted guise, Sean leaves the following comment on an MEN article about a Lib Dem councillor who has erected a wind turbine on her home:

lib-dems are one step behind – again!
(he provided this link)

The link he provides … is about him, erecting a wind turbine on his home at Woodlands View in Hyde (where he no longer lives)

Tameside Ted #3

May 12, 2006

The day after his other comment, Tameside Ted (aka Sean) is back to comment on the same article about delay to the start date of the Longdendale Bypass Public Inquiry:

in a telephone call to the highways agency this morning I found that there area 1400 objections AND 1400 letters of support!! M.E.N. failed to mentionthat in their story!

(This is not true, in any of the statistically verifiable surveys, opposition to the bypass has always outnumbered support by a ration of 2:1)

Tameside Ted #2

May 11, 2006

Sean’s MEN commenter disguise, Tameside Ted, is back today, commenting on an article about delays to the Public Inquiry for the Longdendale Bypass due to the massive number of objections against the scheme:

the highways agency should be disbanded if they delay this any further! they are in existence to serve the public and the clear message from the people who actually LIVE in the area is GIVE US OUR BYPASS…. !

Tameside Ted #1

February 14, 2006

Tameside Eye has a theory that the ‘Tameside Ted’ commenter on the MEN website is in fact our Sean. So we’re placing details here for good meaure (we’re completists!).

So Sean comments on a story about cuts to the GMP budget in Manchester. Although the GMP Chief Constable Michael Todd is only mentioned in passing in the article, Tameside Ted seems to bear a grudge:

Follow the link for one reason Mr Todd wastes money (he provided this link)

The link provided is to a story about … Sean and his (abortive) trial for stealing his ex-girlfriend’s belongings…