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Wikipedia: Doc Glasgow #6

June 27, 2007

Sean returns to his old friend, the wikipedia moderator Doc Glasgow again. He has been rumbled, and he wants accusations about his role removed. Sean names an individual as the person behind the edits and says (falsely) that the police are investigating. He also lets slip that the ‘yokel’ press (his words) are looking at the issue. Finally, he calls for an editing block for the individual he names.


Wikipedia: Yellowfrogs User talk page #1

June 18, 2007

Sean turns to the User Talk page of his identity Yellowfrogs to blank the page (he calls it ‘archiving’).

Wikipedia: Longdendale Bypass #8

June 11, 2007

On the Talk page for the Longdendale Bypass, Sean adds a comment calling for links to certain sites (i.e. ones he does not like) to be removed.

Wikipedia: Tameside #1

June 7, 2007

Today, Sean returns to his other identity on wikipedia, Yellowfrogs, to start editing the page for Tameside. His edits lionise his fellow Longdendale Councillor, Roy Oldham, someone whose own page on wikipedia he has himself edited many times.