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“I am Sean Parker Perry”

October 15, 2006

Using his username ‘Yellowfrogs’, Sean outed himself today. Here’s proof that it’s him, in his own words:

Hi Doc

I refer to your ‘lame’ editing war comment on the above page.

I am Sean Parker-Perry and I express the deepest concern that a person who has been maliciousley editing the sites of four politicians:

1) Sean Parker-Perry

2)Lord Pendry

3) Cllr roy oldham CBE

4) jonny reynolds

the user name ‘jonnyreynolds’ serves to confurse the issue as he is an employee of a local Member of Parliament. Under the misuse of computers Act 1990 this is a criminal offence which has been reported to Greater Manchester Police.

I will be taking legal action regarding this stressful and damaging episode and would be grateful if you could give me details of the user: jonnyreynolds, failing this the registered address of Wikipedia.

if you or any representative from Wikipedia wish to discuss the issue further please email me at


Councillor Sean Parker-Perry

Of course, it could be someone else altogether posing as him, but then it would be strange because the same person has a photo album on photobucket with the username ‘yellowfrogs’ , and it has photos of one Sean Parker-Perry.



October 13, 2006

On wikipedia, Sean also uses the username ‘yellowfrogs‘, and today was the first time he did so. He edited the ‘discussion’ page of a user’s profile to exhibit the first instance of what has now become typical and commonplace – threats, lies and intimidation (along with spelling mistakes):

you have apparently assumed this name maliciously. Give your real name and reason for attacking various pages (threats)

Wiki inform me they have your IP address and arte contacting your ISP (lies)

 Leave a message here with your name (intimidation)