Wikipedia: Swallows Wood #1

Sean now turns his attention to the wikipedia page for Swallow’s Wood. Although he has tried to portray himself as concerned with Green matters elsewhere (his own wikipedia page, since removed), his edits on this page demonstrate his obsession with downplaying the environmental credibility of one of the largest nature reserves in his own constituency. His additions to the article are reproduced below:

The site consists of a small copse of unmanaged trees and Tameside Council has committed to plant 10,000 managed trees slowly moving the woodland away from the bypass route.

Anti-road campaigners ‘Save Swallows Wood’ incorrectly believe the copse was named after nesting swallows in the area, as seen on their group emblem, although the area is named after land owner John Swallow.

Pro-bypass campaigners Longdendale Seige Committee have lobbied Tameside council to improve the naturte reserve with a planting and management schedule

(The credibility of the ‘carbon offsets’ intended by TMBC’s proposed tree-planting are rebutted in subsequent edits to this page, which will feature here)


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