“I am Sean Parker Perry”

Using his username ‘Yellowfrogs’, Sean outed himself today. Here’s proof that it’s him, in his own words:

Hi Doc

I refer to your ‘lame’ editing war comment on the above page.

I am Sean Parker-Perry and I express the deepest concern that a person who has been maliciousley editing the sites of four politicians:

1) Sean Parker-Perry

2)Lord Pendry

3) Cllr roy oldham CBE

4) jonny reynolds

the user name ‘jonnyreynolds’ serves to confurse the issue as he is an employee of a local Member of Parliament. Under the misuse of computers Act 1990 this is a criminal offence which has been reported to Greater Manchester Police.

I will be taking legal action regarding this stressful and damaging episode and would be grateful if you could give me details of the user: jonnyreynolds, failing this the registered address of Wikipedia.

if you or any representative from Wikipedia wish to discuss the issue further please email me at seanparkerperry@hotmail.com


Councillor Sean Parker-Perry

Of course, it could be someone else altogether posing as him, but then it would be strange because the same person has a photo album on photobucket with the username ‘yellowfrogs’ , and it has photos of one Sean Parker-Perry.


One Response to ““I am Sean Parker Perry””

  1. Wikipedia: Doc Glasgow #2 « Sean Parker-Perry’s Internet Dossier Says:

    […] about edits to his own wikipedia page (since deleted, see above), as ‘Yellowfrogs’ had done previously in October […]

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